Late-30s. sigh.
One husband, one son, two cats
Bachelors degree in electrical engineering
Desk job
Kinda boring

Things I may or may not write about:
My son
My cats
Adventures in baking/cooking
Electronic gadgets
Weird antique store & flea market finds
Food and/or dieting
My obsession with Japan
Roller derby, watching
Roller skating, doing
Video games
Neat or funny things I find on the internet
My in-laws’ dogs
Stuff I wish I had

This site:

I registered in July of 2002. The site has gone through at least a dozen incarnations since it’s been live.

The site is hosted by TotalChoice, who has been my host for almost as long as this site has been here. It’s powered by WordPress, nearly the best thing ever since sliced bread.

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